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Shades of Grey Awards

Final category assignments and judging info

Shades of Grey Awards


This community is for Shades of Grey Awards judges only. If you wish to become a judge you can comment to this Post.

Final category assignments and judging info

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winter leaves
The final category assignments is up here. I'm reasonably sure the only category that won't need judging is Extreme although I left 2 of you assigned to just incase I get nominations before tomorrow night.

As a note, I was hit with A LOT of Nominations, nearly 70 to be exact since Sunday. I've put them all on the pending page and am waiting for everyone to reply that the accept the nominations. I gave them a deadline of next Thursday to reply or they'll be dropped. that's when I'll put voting up, you can start judging whenever you want but the final nominees won't be up until Thursday evening. I'll try to update the list everyday but I have school and well, RL stuff to do as well so I can't promise anything. You are however, welcome to use the pending page (the link is on the site) to read from.

The judging forms are here.

Judging starts on the 16th of this month and ends on March 31st. If you can't get your scores in on time I need to know as soon as possible.

BTW, I only assigned 2 judges to most categories 3 is better so if you have any extra time and want to do more categories feel free to do any that only have 2 judges, but let me know if you're doing it so I can add you to the list so everyone knows and I don't end up with 20 scores for one category....

And I'm screening comments to this post so you can post your scores here.
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